Blood Orange Bourbon

Blood Orange Bourbon

Boldly savor tangy blood oranges and smooth bourbon in Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktail. A thrilling taste adventure awaits in every sip.


  • 20 ml Le Sirop de MONIN Blood Orange
  • 60 ml Bourbon Whiskey
  • 30 ml Orange Juice
  • 10 ml Lemon Juice
  • Soda/Ginger Ale


Orange Slice


  1. Take a shaker tin
  2. Add Monin Blood Orange, Bourbon Whiskey,Orange Juice,Lemon Juice
  3. Add ice
  4. Shake well
  5. Strain a drink into a serving glass
  6. Top up with Ginger Ale/Soda
  7. Garnish your drink then serve

French company