Elderflower Ice Tea

Elderflower Ice Tea

Experience the floral elegance of MONIN Elderflower Ice Tea, a delicate blend of MONIN Elderflower Syrup and refreshing MONIN Lemon Ice tea Syrup, delivering a subtle sweetness and a refreshing floral aroma that will transport you to a serene garden with every sip.


  • 20 ml MONIN Lemon Tea
  • 10 ml MONIN Elderflower Syrup
  • 90–120 ml Water
  • and ice cubes


Edible flower


  1. Combine Monin Lemon Tea Syrup with Monin Elderflower Syrup in a glass
  2. Add water according to your preference for tea strength
  3. Stir the mixture thoroughly to blend the flavors
  4. Add ice cubes to chill the drink, stirring again to ensure proper mixing
  5. Optionally, garnish with a lemon slice or edible flowers and Serve chilled

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