MONIN Coconut Fruit Mix

MONIN Coconut Fruit Mix

Find home in the luxurious and velvety essence of coconut that transports you to a tranquil paradise with every sip. If you're craving a tropical getaway but can't quite make it to the beach yet, a staycation with Le Fruit de MONIN Coconut is the perfect solution. This delectable syrup adds a touch of authentic sweetness and texture to your favorite smoothies, milkshakes, or cocktails, bringing the essence of the tropics right to your doorstep. Let the rich, creamy taste of coconut take you on a sensory journey until you can bask in the warm sand and crystal-clear waters.


Sugar, Water, Dehydrated Coconut Milk, Milk Solids, Coconut Grated, Stabilizer: Mono And Di-glycerides Of Fatty Acids, Stabilizer: Xanthan Gum, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Preservative: E202. Contains The Equivalent Of 50.1% Coconut. [Contains added flavour (Natural flavouring substances)] Contains Milk.

Nutritional data for 100 ml

Energy: 121 kcal ; Fat: 3.5 g, ; Carbohydrate: 21.5 g, of which sugars: 20.8 g ; Protein: 0.5 g




Smoothies, Cocktails, Mocktails,Toppings and Milkshakes.

French company