MONIN Passion Fruit Syrup
MONIN Passion Fruit Syrup
MONIN Passion Fruit Syrup

MONIN Passion Fruit Syrup

The passion fruit, originating from the vibrant land of Brazil, is a true powerhouse of nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals. This refreshing fruit packs a delightful punch when combined with chocolate, vanilla, citrus or red fruits.

Allow Le Sirop de MONIN Passion Fruit to introduce an invigorating zesty note to your beverage creations. From a unique take on the classic Mojito, to a refreshing Spritz, a luscious fruit smoothie, an iced tea, or even the exotic Maï Taï - this syrup is the perfect addition to take your drinks to the next level.


Sugar, Water, Concentrated Passion Fruit Juice, Concentrated Orange Juice, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Stabilizer: Acacia Gum. Total Fruit Juice: 33.2%, Including 11.8% Passion Fruit Juice. [Contains permitted natural (E150a) and synthetic (E102) food colors and added flavor (Natural flavoring substances)]

Nutritional data for 100 ml

Energy: 103 kcal ; Fat: 0.0 g, ; Carbohydrate: 25.5 g, of which sugars: 25.4 g ; Protein: 0.1 g




Cocktails, Mocktails, Iced Teas, Lemonades

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