MONIN Peach Fruit Mix

MONIN Peach Fruit Mix

As the warmth of summer lingers, the soft and ripe peach surrenders its succulent sweetness. And now, with Le Fruit de MONIN Peach, relish it all time.

As you dive in the divine taste and texture of this exquisite fruit, let your mind wander to the possibilities that await. Imagine the refreshment and relaxation that come with a sip of a peach-infused smoothie or cocktail, each one a soothing reminder of summertime bliss.

Le Fruit de MONIN Peach offers a pure and authentic flavour, as if the peach was freshly picked from the tree. Its essence adds a delicious twist to classic drinks like lemonades and iced teas, while also elevating smoothies to a new level of fruity perfection.


Sugar, Peach Puree, Stabilizer: Pectin, Preservative: E202, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid. Contains 50.1% Peach Puree Contains Added Natural Flavouring substances.

Nutritional data for 100 ml

Energy: 315 kcal ; Fat: 0.1 g, ; Carbohydrate: 77.3 g, of which sugars: 74.8 g ; Protein: 0.5 g




Smoothies, Cocktails, Mocktails, Iced Teas, Lemonades, Sodas, Milkshakes and Toppings

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