MONIN Red Grapefruit Fruit Mix

MONIN Red Grapefruit Fruit Mix

In the delicious grapefruit family, the red variety tends to be slightly more sour with hints of sweetness, with a faint citrus hint. Le Fruit de MONIN Red Grapefruit captures this ensemble of juicy, sweet and slightly sour flavours in a bottle. Create a multitude of refreshing drinks by adding a twist to your classic iced teas, cocktails, mocktails, soda and more.


Sugar, water, red grapefruit pulp, concentrated red grapefruit juice, natural flavouring, acids: citric acid, sodium citrate, black carrot concentrate, preservative: E202, thickener: pectin. Contains 15.3% red grapefruit pulps and the equivalent of 34.8 % red grapefruit juice.


Cocktails, Mocktails, Iced Teas, Lemonades, Mochas

French company