Peachmary Spritzer

Peachmary Spritzer

Delight in the Peachmary Spritzer mocktail, a vibrant fusion of fruity sweetness and herbal freshness. Perfect for any occasion, this refreshing beverage offers a delightful and uplifting sip without the alcohol. Enjoy the Peachmary Spritzer mocktail for a taste of pure refreshment!


  • 20ml MONIN Peach Syrup
  • 1 sprig Rosemary
  • 60ml Orange Juice
  • 10ml Lime Juice
  • Top up with Soda / Ginger Ale


Rosemary sprig, Peach slice


  1. Take a shaker tin add Rosemary , muddle lightly
  2. Add Monin Peach Syrup, Orange juice, lime juice add ice
  3. Shake well and pour it into a glass filled with Ice cubes and top up with soda or ginger ale
  4. Garnish and serve

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